At re:inc we are all about Innovation. Innovation in sourcing and breeding exceptional new fruit varieties. Innovation in our pursuit of perfection.
Innovation in the way we do business. Innovation in our partnerships with producers and licensees. Scroll down to learn more.


“We believe the world deserves exceptional fruit!”

re:inc has been sourcing and breeding innovative best-in-class new fruit varieties for over a decade.

We began our pursuit of perfection when we set out to find a better way to source and breed exceptional fruit.

Our aim is to breed and develop varieties combining outstanding taste, stunning appearance and ease of production. Our breeding is future-focussed; we are constantly on the lookout for varieties that are environmentally friendly, disease and drought resistant.

Our innovative breeding process has roots that are deep in the soil.

We are selective breeders, not lab technicians, so the nurturing happens in our orchards. Just the way Mother Nature intended it.

We like to spend time in the field. Our breeding programme includes an intensive evaluation period over a number of years to ensure suitability to each producer’s particular environment.

We are proud to be linked to and supported by a number of research institutions, in Europe, the United Kingdom and China .

re:inc is established in a number of countries, and we are actively expanding our producer licenses around the globe.


“We’re about best practice, naturally .”

What does it take to be one of the best and most diverse fruit breeding programmes in the world?

It goes beyond breeding for taste and good looks. It’s about doing this in a way that is consistently producer friendly.

It’s about combining best practice with ethical natural methods.

We don’t get involved in GMO’s. Our germplasm repositor of parent stock is hand-pollinated. Each seedling is a unique child (genotype) grown in a natural environment.

Our in-field evaluation process ensures that new varieties are stable and robust before we release them commercially.

It’s about being in partnership with our producers. About teaming up with responsible growers, who are excited about developing new varieties and looking for developmental support

to get their produce to market quickly, and in top condition.

At re:inc we understand that producers need to make sustainable profits, and remain competitive in the marketplace.

We will only commercialize a variety if it has eye-catching good looks, produces at a low cost per unit, and has a consistently great taste. It simply has to be a best-in-class variety.

We make sure our products maintain their exclusivity, so supply will never exceed demand.

It’s all about teamwork. Our international family of breeder associates, producers and marketers work together to ensure 12-month supply to top end consumers.

We believe in our varieties, and the people who plant them. That’s why we are shareholders, together with our producers in joint venture companies.


“It must be a winner!”

Our aim is to have long-term producers and marketing licensees, and structure our relationship so that everyone in the chain is a winner.

How does this work? re:inc has a minority share in fruit-specific marketing companies; the majority is owned by the producers.

The marketing companies are not profit centres, but rather platforms for producers to get their product to the top end of the world market.

We understand what today’s top end customers expect from suppliers. We help our producer

partners to achieve this, and make sure customers know about it.

We believe in creating a whole that is greater than the sum of its parts, by combining our efforts to help one another to everyone’s benefit.

Our aim is to work together in an exclusive agreement to bring top end products to market. Before that product loses its novelty or its beauty, we will replace it with another top end variety to take its place.

That’s what we call win-win!


“We look for the perfect partners.”

We have licensee agreements with producers in the northern and southern hemispheres.

Our international producer partners have exclusive rights in their countries.

We provide partner producers with the varieties and in-situ evaluation until their new varieties are market ready.

We have licensee agreements with a few selected marketers in major centres. The marketers are responsible for selling the product to top end customers.

We work together for the benefit of all partners, from the farmer to the consumer.

We wait until a variety has proven to be both best in class and profitable before we take it to market. We believe that patience is a virtue, and don’t rush a product before it is ready.

Within these parameters, our partner producers agree to bring new varieties to market on a 12 monthly basis. This ensures consistency of supply and year round availability, and benefits everyone in the chain.


“Best in class from the beginning.”

re:inc has been sourcing, breeding and evaluating fruits that have the potential to be best in class for over a decade.

The world of fruit supply has breeders, evaluators, producers, and marketers. But only a handful of companies combine them all. re:inc is among that selected few.

It takes 10 to 15 years of selective breeding to consistently create best-in-class varieties. Here’s a short history of how we got it right:

Company founder Riaan van Wyk has a keen sense for what makes a fruit a winner. Himself a product of the verdant Paarl valley, he also has an exceptional knowledge of fruit and farming.

In 1997, Riaan recognised a market demand for new varieties of fruit in South Africa, and founded Colors to help fulfil it.

In 1999 he was joined by Liezel Kriegler, who

combined a passion for marketing apples and pears with an eye on innovation in research and development. With their team they procured many new selections, which are in process of becoming popular new varieties.

In late 2013, the Colors shareholders agreed to sell their assets and divide the proceeds between them. In 2014, re:inc was born. re:inc bought new varieties and rights to varieties, as well as breeding programs and other assets, from Colors.

When former colleagues Iwan Labuschagne, Gerrit Nieuwoudt, Keith Wilson and German associate Reinhard Schomberg-Klee, joined Riaan and Liezel, they brought a wealth of breeding experience and expertise to the company.

re:inc is now ready to leap forward with a full complement of knowledge, ideas, passion, experience, and a common purpose: To be one of the best and most diverse fruit breeding programmes in the world.

Taking Care

“We want to make our world better.”

Bats to the Rescue

We respect all creatures great and small, but like all fruit producers we battle with insects that cost the South African fruit industry millions of Euros each year.

The false codling moth is just one example. It lays its eggs on developing fruit and the larvae tunnel into the fruit, which becomes useless for human consumption and has to be discarded.

The cost to control and limit this damage traditionally includes chemicals, the machinery to apply them, and pack-house modifications to enable damaged fruit to be sorted from the rest. The result: lower productivity and smaller volumes of export-quality fruit.

Chemical pesticides have a negative impact on the environment. More environmentally-friendly methods like Sterile Insect Technique are costly and require continuous generation and distribution of radiated insects.

We knew there had to be a better way.

Insect eating bats are natural predators of night-

flying insects. Their speedy metabolism means that they need to consume their body weight in insects each night to survive. That makes them a potentially effective insect control agent for the fruit industry. But human and other pressures have driven bats out of many areas. How to attract them back? With high class bat hotels, of course. (In other words, safe roosting sites.)

In 2011, re:inc predecessor Colors embarked on a research project with EcoSolutions to establish the most effective roosting site designs for bats. We installed 220 bat boxes on 11 farms in the Western and Eastern Cape. The initial results were so promising, they drew the attention of other research institutions and other interested parties.

Our aim is not to rid the world of night flying insects, but to help the bats in finding a balance with insects through enhancing their opportunities for suitable roosting sites in our fields.

This is just one of the ways we’re working alongside Mother Nature, in this case, limiting the damage that insects do to fruit in a natural and sustainable way.


“reinc in the spotlight.”

Riaan van Wyk and Liezel Kriegler head up re:inc innovation, which has acquired the majority of rights to former Colors Fruit breeding programmes

A new South African fruit business is consolidating ownership of an exclusive fruit cultivar breeding programme and a marketing initiative, which will give fruit growers in South Africa joint control over the management of their fruit marketing.

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